Japanese scientists proved that writing by hand is better than typing

As a matter of fact, everyone has known this since school: when you write something down by hand, it is remembered quicker and stays in your memory longer. But today we are taking pen and paper more and more rarely, as typing text on a computer is much faster and more beautiful. And in vain!

Japanese neurobiologists decided to prove it experimentally. It turned out that while writing on paper the human brain works more actively than while using a keyboard. The experiment, conducted by specialists, showed that volunteers, who wrote with a pen on paper, made more detailed and accurate notes than those who typed the same on the keyboard. This study proved once again that if you need to learn or remember something in detail, you need to write down the information you want by hand.

The brain activity of volunteers who wrote down data by hand during the experiment was a quarter higher than that of those who typed on a tablet according to the MRI reading. And it was the paper and pen that mattered, because writing down information with a stylus on the screen didn’t produce the same effect! Scientists attribute this to the tactile sensations of the paper itself and to the writing skills we use when writing with a pen, ink pen or pencil.