Japanese scientists talk about the impact of the pandemic on the psyche

Mental health has deteriorated due to the coronavirus pandemic. This is the conclusion reached by Japanese scientists. The study was published in the journal Translational Psychiatry on Thursday, November 11.

According to the researchers, the hardest way people experience social isolation. Also, the scientists note that women are psychologically harder to endure the pandemic than men.

The study involved 2,274 people. It began on the eve of the pandemic. The experiment was repeated three times and after its beginning. Respondents had to answer questions about psychiatric symptoms, which were then divided into four groups: depression, alcohol, social isolation and general psychiatric burden.

As a result, the Japanese scientists concluded that all symptoms except alcohol problems worsened during the pandemic, NNS reported.

“And while overall psychiatric burden and depression peaked shortly after the pandemic began and then declined slightly, symptoms related to social isolation continued to steadily worsen,” the study said.

Scientists believe that the severe psychological effects of the pandemic are related to this. In their view, Internet addiction and social anxiety, which appeared as a result of the epidemic, lead to social isolation, which, in turn, also contributes to social anxiety and Internet addiction. The researchers note that only live communication can “break this vicious circle.