Jared Kushner said the coronavirus could interfere with holding the presidential election in November

On Tuesday, Jared Kushner, senior adviser to the U.S. president and part-time son-in-law of Donald Trump, said the coronavirus could prevent the November presidential election as planned.

Kushner added that he had a role to play in making that decision, which caused general confusion.

In an interview with Time, he said the election is unlikely to take place November 3 if there is a second outbreak of the pandemic, and said it was not his decision. The reservation sparked a strong public reaction on social media, after which Kushner had to explain that he had not participated in any discussions about postponing the election date. Neither he nor Donald Trump had any legal authority to change the date of the presidential election.

However, this short episode led many to doubt that Kouchner was sufficiently aware of the laws and constitutional provisions that govern presidential elections in the US. “Kushner’s statement demonstrates a remarkable lack of knowledge of the Constitution and the law,” Twitter-based neoconservative political analyst Bill Cristol wrote.