Jason Statham appreciated his ” boys” portrait on the Russian fence

British actor Jason Statham, during an interview with Russian media, appreciated his portrait on a typical Russian fence.

He learned that in Russia he is considered a patsy ideal, and the Internet is full of quotes, memes, and demotivators with him. Seeing his face depicted on the fence next to the quote, “Don’t ask for respect. Do it to be respected,” the artist laughed and admitted he was flattered by the status.

“Well, I kind of grew up on the streets. I’ve done all kinds of things at the crossroads. Met a lot of dubious characters. My childhood and youth were on the outskirts of south London. There were always a lot of tough guys around, people with interesting faces. So I guess I had that authenticity left in me,” Statham responded.

Reflecting on his masculinity, the actor said that he does have many masculine traits. He said he likes to do things with his hands, be responsible and try “to be a good father and a reliable protector of his lady. He added that he tries not to go overboard with his masculinity because men have feelings too.