Jason Sudeikis commented for the first time on his breakup with Olivia Wilde

The 45-year-old actor was the star of a new issue of American GQ and in an interview spoke candidly about the recent events that have changed his life greatly. Jason Sudeikis’ career went uphill after the success of his comedy series “Ted Lasso”, but his personal life has been transformed with a minus sign. Last fall, the owner of the “Golden Globe” broke up with Olivia Wilde, who chose him over a young Briton Harry Styles.

“I’ll have a clearer understanding of what happened in a year. Even better in two, and quite perfectly in five years. It will change from book of my life to chapter, from paragraph to line, from word to scribble,” Jason admitted. He clarified that the final breakup of the 10-year relationship is set for November 2020. Wilde, 37, and Stiles, 27, confirmed rumors of an affair in January.

“It’s an experience from which you learn either lessons or excuses,” Sudeikis added. – You take some of the responsibility, but then you try to learn something beyond the obvious.”

Jason and Olivia are raising two children, 7-year-old Otis and 4-year-old Daisy. After the breakup, the actor began dating “Ted Lasso” partner Killie Hazell.