Jazzman Ellis Marsalis Jr. died of coronavirus-induced pneumonia.

The American jazz pianist Ellis Marsalis Jr. died at the age of 86 from pneumonia caused by a coronavirus infection. This was reported by The Associated Press on Wednesday, April 1, citing the son of the musician Ellis Marsalis III.

“The cause of his death was pneumonia. But this pneumonia was caused by the coronavirus,” the man said. According to Ellis Marsalis III, his father was previously hospitalized in New Orleans.

Four of the six sons of the outstanding American jazzman are musicians: Winton, the trumpeter, is the most outstanding representative of American jazz, he works at the Lincoln Center in New York.

Ellis Marsalis Jr., born in New Orleans in 1930, began a musical career in the 1940s.

The day before it became known that the 52-year-old American composer, founder of rock bands Fountains Of Wayne and Ivy Adam Schlesinger died of COVID-19 disease caused by coronavirus.