Jeffrey Epstein victims will receive $125 million in compensation

“Jeffrey Epstein’s Victims Fund,” responsible for paying victims of molestation by the late American billionaire pedophile, has approved 150 applications submitted for a total of over $125 million, Reuters reported Monday, August 9.

It is noted that since the fund began operating, since June 2020, 225 petitions have been submitted, but only 150 have been accepted, of which 12 people have declined their entitlements.

“Offers of compensation have been accepted by 92 percent of eligible applicants, and the program has paid out more than $121 million to those applicants,” the fund said.

In addition, it stressed that those people whose claims were denied by the foundation can still expect to be compensated by the estate of the late financier.

Jordana Feldman, head of the organization, explained that payments to victims must be made by Aug. 10.

In 2019, prosecutors reported evidence that between 2002 and 2005, Epstein arranged visits to his home in New York City’s Manhattan neighborhood for dozens of underage girls, the youngest of whom was 14. The case was dismissed because Epstein committed suicide at a correctional center in New York City in August of that year. A few months earlier, he had been arrested on charges of sex trafficking and enticing minors into prostitution.