Joe Biden broke the silence and answered Trump from home

Former U.S. vice president, Democratic Party presidential candidate Joe Biden, who had not appeared in public for several days, replied to Donald Trump that he was a wartime president. This is what The New York Times (NYT) writes about.

“Trump continues to say that he is a wartime president. Well, start behaving accordingly,” Biden addressed the American leader.

Trump is not to blame for the coronavirus pandemic, the politician said, but he is responsible for how the U.S. will respond to the challenge. “And I, like every American, hope that he will approach it right,” added the former vice president.

As the NYT notes, the Democrat had to break the silence and address from his own home amid the extraordinary activity of the president, who gives daily briefings at the White House and appears on television. Biden himself has to observe the home regime because of the increasing spread of coronavirus in the U.S. – he has not appeared in public since the night of March 17. The politician’s absence has been noticed both by his donors, who are concerned that he hasn’t been on the air lately, and by users of social networks who have started to actively mock him: for example, supporters of the president have launched the hashtag #WhereIsJoe on Twitter (“Where is Joe?”).

Biden leads the race for the right to become a U.S. presidential candidate from the Democratic Party in the 2020 elections. According to the latest data, he has secured the support of 1,201 electoral delegate, pursuing his Senator Bernie Sanders – 896. In order to be eligible to run in the election, the vote of 1991 delegate is required. Trump, who has already won the required number of votes, is the undisputed leader among Republicans.