Joe Biden: Nothing Can Stop Nord Stream 2 Now

“Nord Stream 2” is 99 percent built, there’s nothing to stop the project. US President Joe Biden said this, adding that Germany “has made a commitment” to respond to Russia’s actions if necessary.

A day earlier, the American leader had discussed the Nord Stream 2 pipeline with Chancellor Angela Merkel. Biden called the conversation very fruitful.

Later the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany published the text of the deal with the U.S., relating to the implementation of the project. Washington reserves the right to take measures if Moscow uses the energy sector as a geopolitical weapon. Berlin, in turn, will also have to take “swift action” at the national level and “insist on effective measures at the EU level”.

Back in May 2021, the head of the White House stated that imposing sanctions on Moscow was unproductive because the construction of the pipeline was almost complete.

Recall that Nord Stream-2 is two pipes laid on the bottom of the Baltic Sea from the Russian coast to Germany.