Johnny Depp won a lawsuit against Amber Heard

Johnny Depp has won a court victory against Amber Heard. The court partially accepted a motion alleging shenanigans by the actor’s ex-spouse. Depp accused Hurd of lying and embezzling a large sum of money. We are talking about $7 million, which the actress received after her divorce. Hurd publicly stated that she gave everything to a children’s hospital in Los Angeles. Medical institution reported that they had received only $ 100 thousand. Now, the actress will have to prove to the court the proper use of funds.

The actor indicated in the lawsuit that his statement about the transfer of money Hurd has not only had an impact on the entire trial, but also caused irreparable blow to his reputation. The trials with his ex-wife ruined the actor’s successful career. The studios have unilaterally began to break off all the contracts. In a number of films Johnny Depp has already successfully found a replacement.