Johnson declared signs of a second wave of coronavirus in Europe

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said during a working visit to Nottingham on Tuesday, July 28, about the emerging signs of a second wave of coronavirus in Europe.

“Let us be absolutely honest about what is happening in Europe. I’m afraid some of our European friends are showing signs of a second wave of pandemic,” he told Sky News.

We need to take “quick and decisive action” if there are risks of a second wave, he said.

It is noted that Johnson supported the decision taken by the government last weekend, to send anyone who comes from Spain to the UK, to a two-week quarantine.

Earlier, on Tuesday, the media wrote that European countries are increasingly preparing for the arrival of the second wave of coronavirus. Thus, the Belgian government has warned about new restrictive measures after a surge of COVID-19 cases in the country.

The authorities of Spanish Catalonia did not rule out such steps if within 10 days it is not possible to take control of new outbreaks of this virus. In early July, 209,000 people were quarantined in the Catalan region of Segria, and then the entire region has introduced a mandatory masked regime.

The coronavirus pandemic is growing worldwide, said Tedros Adhan Gebrejesus, Director-General of the World Health Organization.