Johnson expressed concern about the results of the BBC investigation into Princess Diana

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has expressed concern about the results of a BBC investigation into a 1995 interview with Princess Diana and the network’s behavior in the years following the interview. The Prime Minister announced this on Friday, May 21.

“Of course I am concerned about the conclusions contained in Lord Dyson’s report. I can only imagine how members of the royal family feel, and I very much hope that the BBC will take all possible steps to ensure that something like this never happens again,” he was quoted by the DailyMail as saying.

It is noted that late last year, Princess Diana’s younger brother Earl Charles Spencer said that BBC journalist Martin Bashir, who interviewed the princess in 1995, persuaded Diana to participate in the program by deception. He presented Spencer with bank statements supposedly proving that two high-ranking Buckingham Palace employees from the princess’ inner circle had been hired to spy on her. The statements turned out to be forged.

However, according to the BBC investigation, the journalist acted rashly and not with malicious intent. On May 20 this year, former Supreme Court judge John Dyson published the results of an investigation, according to which Bashir obtained the interview by deception and the television company covered up his act.

In July last year, the British media ranked the most beautiful royals of all time. Princess Diana took first place in the ranking.

In late June, it was reported that the users of the Network were unhappy with the choice of American actress Kristen Stewart for the role of Princess Diana. She was chosen for the main role in his movie “Spencer” by the Chilean director Pablo LarraĆ­n.

Princess Diana was tragically killed in a car crash in Paris on the night of August 31, 1997. Film producer Dodi al-Fayed and his bodyguard were in the car with her.

The cause of the tragedy was attributed to careless driving by the driver, as well as the unlawful actions of the journalists who chased the car. According to another popular conspiracy theory, the car crash could have been a planned assassination, including one organized by the British royal family.