Johnson recommended requiring a certificate of vaccination at public events

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson recommended at a news conference on Monday, July 12, that organizers of public events require electronic certificates of vaccination against coronavirus infection, PCR test results or an antibody test for those who have contracted the disease. A video of the speech was published on the head of the government’s Twitter.

In addition, the head of the Cabinet confirmed the cancellation of most of the coronavirus restrictions in the United Kingdom since July 19, but urged Britons to continue to wear masks on public transport and comply with social distance measures.

On July 5, Johnson announced plans to finally lift pandemic coronavirus restrictions on July 19. He said authorities would allow citizens to make their own and informed decisions about how to deal with the virus.

All legal restrictions on the number of people at indoor and outdoor events would be lifted, all businesses, including nightclubs, would be allowed to open, the one-meter safety distance rule and the legal obligation to wear masks would be eliminated.

On June 14, Johnson had already announced that restrictions imposed in England because of the pandemic would be lifted a month later than planned, namely on July 19. By that date, he said, the entire adult population of the country is scheduled to receive the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

On May 28, the Janssen coronavirus vaccine, manufactured by Johnson & Johnson, was approved in the United Kingdom. Four vaccines are currently available in the United Kingdom: Janssen, Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Moderna.