Journalists noticed the change in Trump’s hair color

U.S. President Donald Trump stopped dyeing his hair during the Coronavirus Pandemic and now appears in public with a gray head. This assumption was made by the Daily Mail on Wednesday, July 15.

At the last press conference, for example, the 74-year-old head of the White House showed up with grey ashy hair, although some time ago it was yellow. The publication connects this with the fact that during the coronavirus pandemic, there were no beauty salons working.

Trump’s hairstyle is periodically the subject of discussion and jokes. He himself has always emphasized that he does not wear a wig. In early February, the politician complained that some were trying to humiliate him by “editing” his hair in Photoshop.

Speaking to his supporters in North Carolina in September last year, the American president said his hair was not perfect, but it was better than most of his peers.