Juniper Networks will start using Bluetooth chips to track employee contacts

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Juniper Networks, a North American telecom equipment company, decided to track its employees’ contacts using badges with integrated Bluetooth chips. In the near future, 10,000 Juniper Networks employees will receive such badges. Reuters writes about it.

According to Juniper Networks vice president D. Aaron, the use of badges will allow the company to prevent coronavirus outbreak in their offices. Employee contact information will be transmitted by devices to routers produced by startup Mist. If an employee is diagnosed with coronavirus, it will not be difficult to track contacts to the company’s management.

The owner of startup Mist is Juniper Networks. He began offering his employee contact tracking system to third parties. It is currently being tested by 25 companies. The service of one router will cost 150 USD per year.

Slovak company Symbiosi uses Quuppa sensors and its own software for tracking contacts of its employees. After one of Symbiosy employees was infected with coronavirus, the company management promptly identified 40 contacts and then quarantined them.