Justin Bieber rudely reprimanded Hayley in public

This past weekend, a video of the 27-year-old performer allegedly yelling at his wife at a Las Vegas hotel went viral on TikTok. The network has talked about Justin Bieber’s temper before and his controversial attitude towards Hailey, so many users saw the video as another manifestation of abusive behavior. Other eyewitnesses to the events rushed to explain how things really happened. It turned out that the incident occurred after the singer performed at Kendall Jenner’s alcohol brand launch.

“He didn’t yell at her, we saw what happened. He was on adrenaline. Don’t spread false information about someone, especially when you admit you only think you are,” noted a Twitter user who posted a video of the performer that was taken shortly before his alleged breakdown with his wife. – He wasn’t mad at Haley or yelling at her. I hate that he’s always being portrayed as the bad guy, even though he’s not like that at all.”

Another witness to the incident added: “My friends and I were around him all night and he was in a great mood and was telling her story, but of course the little Internet losers love their own scripts.”