Kanye West asked Twitter users about their participation in the presidential election

American rapper Kanye West asked Twitter users if he would like to participate in the U.S. presidential election by presenting his candidacy. He posted his post on July 22.

“2020VISION or maybe 24… I suppose all blacks should vote for Biden? Do you all want me to run or not?” – he wrote, attaching to his post a photo with a list of song titles from the upcoming album.

According to tradition, only the candidates of the two leading parties, Republican and Democratic, have a real chance of being elected president of the United States. This year they are defined as Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Trump said that it would be easy for West to take away black American votes from Biden.

Last week, Kanye West’s name was put on the ballot as an independent candidate in Oklahoma. Earlier, West asked South Carolina residents to sign a petition for his ballot.

Earlier, on July 20, he did not provide any signatures to put his name on the ballot from South Carolina. Neither the artist nor his representative appeared on the state election commission.

West invited musician Jay-Z to be his candidate for vice president. According to him, he and Jay-Z are “brothers” and “connected for life.”