Kanye West invited Jay-Z to be a candidate for vice president of the United States

American rapper Kanye West, running for president of the United States, offered the musician Jay-Z to become his candidate for the post of vice president. This was announced on July 20 by TMZ celebrity life portal with reference to an interview with West.

West shared his desire to see Jay-Z as a vice president during an interview with blogger Chris Cailin. According to him, he and Jay-Z are “brothers” and “connected for life”.

Meanwhile, West already has a candidate for the position – a Wyoming priest, Michelle Tibdal. But he’s talked Jay-Z’s candidacy to Tibdal, and she’s agreed to take another position in his administration if Jay-Z accepts the offer.

Earlier, a rapper said his campaign slogan would be “Yes!”. Now, he said, he has only two advisors, his wife Kim Kardashian and businessman Elon Musk. He’s already offered to be the head of the “space program” to an engineer.

The fact that the artist officially registered as a candidate became known on July 16. He planned to participate in the election race as an independent candidate. Traditionally, candidates from Democratic and Republican parties get the majority of votes.

On July 19, the candidate met with his supporters for the first time as a presidential candidate. The event was held in South Carolina and gathered about 200 people, during which the artist cried out.