Kate Middleton and Prince William’s 7-year-old son, Prince George, was seriously traumatized by online bullying

At the end of last week, the England team lost to Italy in the fight for the Euro 2020 championship. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their eldest son, 7-year-old Prince George, were among the guests of honor at the match. The boy was unwittingly in the spotlight for several reasons. He reacted very emotionally to the successes and defeats of the English team on the field, which then became the hero of memes that spread across the network. At the same time, as noted by royal expert Robert Jobson, the young prince was ridiculed on Twitter for wearing a suit and tie, imitating his father. According to some users, the 7-year-old boy still shouldn’t have been dressed in clothes that are more appropriate for a grown man.

Insiders note that Kate Middleton and Prince William still had a disagreement on the eve of the match about how their son should look during a public appearance. “George ended up getting a tremendous amount of attention on social media! Some people criticized him for his shirt and tie. But in my opinion, that’s harsh on a child,” Robert Jobson noted in an interview for the Australian TV show Sunrise. He stressed that Kate Middleton and Prince William are well aware that too much public attention has fallen on their son. Prince George himself is quite an adult, he’s probably aware of all the negativity being poured on him by the Internet public. And it can have a bad effect on his mental health. That is why the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge decided to temporarily shield their eldest son from public life. This may have influenced their decision to send the boy to study outside of London this year. According to the Daily Star, Prince George may be sent to Ludgrove boarding school in Berkshire, where Princes William and Harry once attended.

Under the picture of Prince George at the match on Twitter, comments included, “Ahahahaha, I hope the bastard cries into his tie,” “And this royal exit should make Scotland want to stay in the union? Absolutely not,” “Why such sour faces-it’s just a game,” “To hell with the royal family,” “Someone should point this kid to his place. Just so he can grow up normal.”