Kate Middleton broke one of the strictest rules of Elizabeth II

The wife of Prince William the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton has broken a strict rule of Queen Elizabeth II not to appear at public events in black, writes Express.

The edition notes that on October 12th the Duchess recorded a video message from the British Museum of Natural History in which she announced the award of winners of the competition “Wildlife Photographer of the Year”.

Thus Kate Middleton appeared before the audience wearing a black blouse, jacket and pants of the same color.

The edition noted that women from the royal family usually appear in all black only at the funeral. The queen herself explained that royalty should stand out from the crowd so that people could notice them.

In July, the authors of the book about the royal family revealed the “truth” about the relationship between Kate Middleton and the wife of Prince Harry Megan Markle. They told that caused rumors about hostility between two duchesses.