Kate Middleton drew a greeting card

Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, created a personalized postcard on behalf of herself and Prince William, thanking those who made their trip to Scotland “so special.”

Kate sent out a handmade postcard with a sketch of St. Andrews to people, communities and organizations the royal couple met during their week-long visit north of the border.

The 39-year-old man drew a colorful drawing of West Sands Beach in 2002, and Kate sketched it. The back of the postcard read:

“To the people, communities and organizations we visited and heard from, and those who stopped to wave and make our return to Scotland so special – thank you! William and Catherine.”

The postcard was posted on the couple’s official Instagram account, and royal watchers were very impressed with Kate’s artistic ability. One wrote, “The Duchess can draw!!! She’s amazing! Is there anything she can’t do?” The other added: “Photography or drawing talent?! Wonderful.”

Scotland, and especially the University of St. Andrews, holds a special place in Kate and William’s hearts because that’s where they first met in the early 2000s. Kate studied art history there and graduated with a master’s degree in 2005. Prince William, who began the same course as Kate in 2001, earned a degree in geography before making the switch.

The couple ended their tour of Scotland in Edinburgh on Thursday, and the Duke of Cambridge gave a heartfelt farewell speech. William described how the nation “shaped” him. He praised the local people and their values. The queen’s grandson said Scotland is “so important” to him and his wife, Kate. William talked about his experiences meeting inspiring people, including energetic retirees, dedicated NHS employees and dedicated volunteers from a charitable organization.

He also shared his memories of the University of St. Andrews and even joked about “how much younger” the current students look.

William said: “It was wonderful to come back to St. Andrews and walk down memory lane together. I am shaped by this place. The strong affection I have for it is held in my memory and often resurfaces in everyday life, people, relationships and the ethic of being a good neighbor.”

The couple returned to London and continued their work. The Duchess had her first coronavirus vaccination. The procedure took place at the Museum of Science. She said: “I am very grateful to everyone involved in vaccinating the public. Thank you for everything you do.”

The Duchess of Cambridge is someone most people in the United Kingdom want to look up to. By her own example she shows how to act in different situations and teaches how to be thankful. By the way, largely due to this Kate Middleton has very high ratings and a large degree of trust of the residents of her country.