Kate Winslet revealed gay actors who hide their orientation

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British actress Kate Winslet, known for her role as Rose in “Titanic” said she knows homosexual actors who hide their orientation out of fear for their careers, the Mirror reported Sunday, April 4.

According to Winslet, there is rampant discrimination against sex minorities in movie studios today.

She knows at least four gay actors, some of whom are already popular and some of whom are just beginning their careers. But they would not talk about their sexual preference because they were afraid it would prevent them from getting roles in movies.

At the same time, the actress noted that this problem concerns mostly men.

“A famous actor just got an agent from the United States, and he said: “‘I understand that you are bisexual. I wouldn’t make it public,'” Winslet told the story of a colleague.

Last January, American actor D.J. Qualls came out as a cameraman. In his Twitter, the man declared that he was gay.