Key signs of impending death are named

Scientists have identified key signs that an elderly person or patient with a terminal illness is approaching death. This writes the Daily Express, referring to representatives of the Institute on Aging National Institute of Health, USA.

The first sign of imminent death is shortness of breath, often referred to as “air hunger”. The second sign is fatigue and sleepiness, which one constantly feels. The third factor is depression, anxiety, and other mental problems.

A very bad sign that tells you that the person does not have long to live is reduced vigilance. If a person stops reacting to events that occur in the world around him, this does not bode well.

Finally, the fifth sign of imminent death – a person loses his appetite, and refuses to eat or drink water. American scientists stressed that if we consider each sign separately, we can not talk about imminent death, but if we are talking about a set of bad factors, and if the person suffers from a serious illness, the probability of approaching death is high.

“A person who is rapidly approaching death has an abnormal body temperature – his limbs may become cold. Some parts of the body may turn blue or dark. The heart rate slows down. Eventually breathing becomes impaired and the body stops showing signs of life,” experts say.