Kim Jong-un apologized for the incident involving the death of a South Korean citizen

DPRK leader Kim Jong-un apologized to South Korean citizens for the loss of their compatriot in the Yellow Sea. This apology was made on Friday, September 25, Yonhap reported citing the administration of the President of the Republic of Korea.

“With a great sense of guilt, I think about what a great disappointment [this incident] was for President Moon Jae In and his South Korean brothers,” Kim Jong-un wrote to the agency.

According to the message, the DPRK will take all necessary measures to prevent such incidents. In addition, the North Korean leader admitted that the border guards fired more than ten shots at the South Korean and then burned his swimming gear.

Earlier today, Seoul announced that North Korean border guards had killed a fishery control officer in the Republic of Korea’s Ministry of Marine and Fisheries who had intended to flee to DPRK this week. They subsequently burned his body.

As Seoul noted, the North Korean side may have taken such action due to quarantine regulations designed to prevent the coronavirus from entering the country.

On July 30, the official press office of the North Korean Labor Party, the Rodong Sinmun newspaper, reported that no cases of COVID-19 infection were registered in DPRK.

The first case of suspected infection in North Korea was reported on July 25. The patient is in Gaesong City, where he illegally crossed the military demarcation line between North and South Korea on July 19. It was noted that he had been quarantined, and specialists were checking the people who had contacted him.

Because of the incident, the Korean Central Committee gathered for an emergency session. At the meeting, state leader Kim Jong-un announced the closure of Kaesong, the introduction of an emergency regime and the isolation of its districts from each other.