Kim Jong-un rejects U.S. offer of dialogue

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has rejected an offer of dialogue made by the United States after North Korea launched another missile. South Korea’s Renhap News Agency reported this on Wednesday, September 29.

“The U.S. insists on ‘diplomatic engagement’ and ‘dialogue without preconditions,’ but this is nothing more than a facade to deceive the international community and cover up its hostile actions,” Kim Jong-un said.

According to the DPRK leader, the dialogue proposal is a continuation of the hostile policies pursued by previous U.S. administrations.

“As the history of the past eight months since the new US administration came to power has clearly demonstrated, the US military threat and hostile policy toward us has not changed at all,” the agency quoted Kim Jong-un as saying.

In addition, the DPRK leader said that communication channels with South Korea may be restored from the beginning of October.

On the eve of the previous day, the U.S. administration called on the official Pyongyang for a dialogue in connection with the launch of the missile of the DPRK.

On September 28, North Korea tested a new type of hypersonic missile called the Hwasong-8.