Kim Jong-un thanked DPRK citizens for the absence of COVID-19 cases

Chairman of the State Council of DPRK Kim Jong-un thanked his people for the fact that the country managed to avoid cases of COVID-19. He said this on Saturday, October 10, at a festive parade marking the 75th anniversary of the founding of the Korean Labor Party.

“Our citizens have protected the country and themselves… Though we do not live richly yet, families live together and no one has ever contracted the malignant virus and everyone is healthy, it is impossible to tell how grateful I am and how much strength it gives me,” the North Korean leader was quoted as saying.

Kim Jong-un expressed his gratitude to his fellow citizens for the fact that those “as one” complied with restrictive measures, considered this state affair their own and repulsed all difficulties. According to the leader, it was the patriotism of the North Korean people that helped the country with its backward anti-epidemic system to prevent “a terrible disaster.

He pointed out that despite the difficult conditions, the people of North Korea had to observe extreme anti-epidemic measures and fight against the consequences of natural disasters.

“Although our citizens have always been grateful to the party, those who should hear the words of gratitude are you – our great citizens,” – said Kim Jong-un.

In addition, he wished South Korea to defeat the pandemic. “I hope that our beloved South Korean comrades will cope with the health crisis and will stand firm with us hand in hand,” the DPRK leader added.

So far, Pyongyang has never reported any cases of coronavirus infection.

On July 18, North Korea introduced its own candidate vaccine against coronavirus. The vaccine does not contain any coronavirus parts, but produces an immune response similar to that of COVID-19.