Kim Jong-un’s train was picked up by satellite in the resort town of North Korea

Train supposedly used by Kim Jong-un was captured in satellite images at his residence in a resort town in eastern DPRK amid rumors about the North Korean leader’s deteriorating health.

Site 38 North (“North of the 38th Parallel”), which specializes in North Korean themes, published the photos on Saturday, saying the train was stationed at Wonsan Station reserved for Kim Jong-un’s family on April 21 and 23.

The site notes, however, that the presence of the train “does not prove the North Korean leader’s whereabouts or say anything about his state of health”.

Speculation about Kim Jong-un’s health began after he missed the celebrations to mark the 108th birthday of his grandfather, founder Kim Il-sung.

It should be noted that neighboring South Korea does not attach much importance to rumors about Kim Jong-un’s serious illness.