Kim Kardashian chose an ultra revealing dress for a visit to the Vatican

The other day, 40-year-old Kim Kardashian flew to Italy, where she is expected to have a very busy program of stay. In addition to business meetings and solving work issues, Kim does not forget about rest and new experiences: the TV diva visited several excursions, tasted dishes of the national cuisine, and also walked through local vintage stores. Kim also met up with Kate and Lilah Grace Moss, who are also spending time in Italy at the moment.

Yesterday, Kardashian, who is famous for her revealing outfits, visited the Vatican. Even that trip was not an excuse for the star to turn to more conservative clothes and Kim appeared in public in a sexy lace tight dress with slits on the hips. And the day before, during a tour of the Colosseum, Kim flaunted around the ruins of the amphitheater in ultra-short shorts and high heels. Notably, Kardashian is accompanied on this trip by an entire team of assistants, including her personal assistant Tracy.

Fans also appreciated another bow of the star in her style – a leather skirt and a tight top with a prominent cleavage.