Kim Kardashian reacted to Kanye West’s romance with Irina Shayk

Four months after the start of his divorce proceedings, Kanye West was spotted in the company of Irina Shayk in France. Insiders have confirmed that the 44-year-old rapper and the 35-year-old supermodel are not only linked by friendship, but it’s still in the early stages. Many fans of Kim Kardashian wondered how she felt about the new affair of her almost ex-husband.

“Kim knew that Kanye had been secretly dating Irina for months. It doesn’t embarrass her because she’s seen how short-tempered and correct Irina has been since her breakup with Bradley [Cooper],” an insider told Us Weekly magazine, noting that Kardashian “wouldn’t want” to see West with “someone who would coddle the press.”

Irina Shayk stopped dating Bradley Cooper in 2019 after a four-year relationship. The celebrities are raising daughter Leah, who turned four in March. They maintain a friendly relationship and often appear with the baby in public.