Kim Kardashian’s mother published a video with donuts after being insulted by Kanye West

The mother of American actress Kim Kardashian Chris Jenner made a publication in her Instagram after she was insulted by her son-in-law, American hip-hop singer Kanye West. On Thursday, July 23rd, she posted a video with donuts.

On the video, Jenner shows a pack of powdered donuts from Beignet Box in Los Angeles. Her daughter’s husband’s Twitter posting, where he called her “Chris Jong-un,” she ignored.

Kanye West’s wife Kim Kardashian commented on her husband’s shocking behavior for the first time on 23 July in her Instagram.

“As many of you know, Kanye has bipolar disorder. “Everyone who has experienced it understands how difficult it is. I never discussed it publicly, given Kanye’s right to privacy when it comes to his health. But today I feel I have to do it,” Kardashian wrote.

On July 5, West announced that he would run for president of the United States. He had planned to run as an independent candidate in the election race, but in several states the deadline to collect supportive votes had passed by that time.

On 20 July, it was reported that a rapper did not provide signatures for the South Carolina ballot.