Kisses increase life expectancy

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Kisses have a beneficial effect not only on psychological but also on physical health. Medics from Japan have proved that people who often kiss live longer than others.

Specialists at the Satu Hospital in Japan summed up many years of research on the topic, and found that daily kissing increases life expectancy by an average of twelve years, which is quite a noticeable increase. How exactly do kisses increase life expectancy? It is a difficult question, but researchers have several hypotheses.

It is believed, for example, that kissing has a beneficial effect on the functionality of the nervous system, relaxing it and adjusting it to the working order. People who kiss daily, get a boost of endorphins (“hormones of happiness”), so they better cope with stress factors, to which every person is constantly exposed.

“Kissing can reduce the intensity of pain and improve the emotional mood, which in itself is quite important. In one minute of passionate kissing your body burns as much calories as it consumes 500 meters of jogging. Another plus is that kissing speeds up your heart rate, which in everyday practice can protect you from strokes and heart attacks. In general, kisses allow you to keep your body toned,” the authors of the paper note.