Kissinger compared the U.S. and Chinese struggle to the situation before World War I

The U.S. and China must share the limits of the geopolitical confrontation, otherwise the world will find itself in a situation reminiscent of the situation before World War I. Former U.S. secretary of state Henry Kissinger said this during a virtual discussion organized by the Economic Club of New York.

Kissinger noted that Washington and Beijing “must establish rules of interaction” and adhere to them. “You can say that this is absolutely impossible. But if it is absolutely impossible, we will find ourselves in a situation similar to World War I,” Bloomberg quoted him on October 7.

The former head of the State Department, who under U.S. President Richard Nixon mediated the rapprochement between the United States and China, said he is increasingly concerned about the new Cold War, which is unfolding between the two countries.

The politician explained the emergence of this conflict by the appearance of new technologies that have changed the geopolitical landscape.

He advised Washington to shift to a new way of thinking and understand that the world is too complex to keep “hegemony” in the economy and strategic sphere of one country.