Kurt Volker proposed to change the terms of admitting former USSR countries to NATO

Former US special representative for Ukraine Kurt Volker said that the Russian Federation is trying to prevent Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova from joining NATO, using the occupation as a means to achieve this goal.

Volker proposed changing the conditions for the admission of former Soviet Union countries to NATO so that territorial conflicts do not hinder their membership in the alliance. He explained that NATO does not want to include countries that have “Russian-occupied” territories because, according to Article 5 of the alliance’s charter, this would automatically mean the need to fight with Russia.

It is necessary that the respective country and the alliance sign an agreement that Article 5 “will not directly concern the occupied territories”, Volker suggested. “We commit ourselves first not to use force to return them, and support only the peaceful reintegration of these territories and the restoration of the integrity of countries seeking to join NATO. This should save Russia incentives to continue the occupation of these territories,” he concluded.