Kurtz called on Europe to form an alliance to combat terrorism

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz urged European countries to create an alliance to combat terrorism. He said this at a meeting of the Austrian National Council.

“We will never be able to understand why there are people who so hate our freedom and our democracy, there should be a broad European alliance to fight terrorism together,” the Austrian leader said.

The chancellor called terrorism a “ticking clock bomb”.

In the evening of November 2, several shootings occurred in the center of Vienna, 5 people were killed and 17 injured. Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz called the incident a terrorist act. The police reported that several criminals with rifles attacked six objects in Vienna. One terrorist was neutralized. Austrian military forces took over the guard of the capital’s facilities. On November 3, schoolchildren in Vienna were released from classes. According to media reports, an attack on a synagogue was carried out. The Ministry of internal affairs of the republic reported that the criminal sympathized with terrorist group IG . Earlier the Austrian Interior Ministry said that the militant acted alone.