Lake Kivu exploded in Africa, the Atlantic Ocean is on fire near the town of Okun-Ajah

According to social media in Nigeria and neighboring advanced kingdoms, an amazing geological event occurred on a popular beach near the town of Okun-Ajah: the water caught fire. Not even just water, but an entire sea, the Atlantic Ocean

What made the water burn for users of social networks a complete mystery and all pointed fingers at the geologists to explain.

At first glance it looks as if a gas pipeline is burning there, but the natives write that there are no gas pipelines on this beach. And it is obvious – in the picture there are palm trees, not pipes and a port terminal. No one is pulling pipes parallel to the shore either – it’s quite expensive and inconvenient to maintain.

It is assumed that the fuel company has gone to such expense out of fear of the local miners, who, like mosquitoes can suck on the precious pipe, so the pipe is hidden from the natives, let it go on the bottom of the sea. Either the small Kon-Tiki Ra-type tanker, in which Thor Heyerdahl and smugglers were transporting illegal gasoline in a hollowed-out baobab trunk, overturned and sank there.