Latvian authorities to introduce fines for watching Russian TV channels

Latvian parliament in the final reading adopted on February 4 amendments to the law “On Protected Services,” under which individuals will face a fine for watching illegal content on satellite television. This was reported on Friday, February 5, portal Delfi.

Until then, the sanctions could be applied for broadcasting illegal content for commercial purposes, but with the adoption of the amendments introduces a ban on the use of such video also for personal purposes.

“It is assumed that the amendments to the law will limit viewers’ access to unlicensed viewing of Russian TV channels in the republic,” the authors of the initiative pointed out.

According to their estimates, about 62,000 households in Latvia used the services of illegal operators in 2018. With the help of transformations, the authorities intend to reduce the number of such connections by at least 6 thousand and by 4 thousand households justifying piracy.

The developers of the bill note that at the moment there is no penalty for the use of illegal systems for individuals. However, if the number of subscribers to illegal services is not reduced, the users may face administrative responsibility. The amount of the fine is not specified.