Latvian police opened a criminal case in connection with the Ryanair incident

Latvian State Police have initiated criminal proceedings in connection with the emergency landing of Ryanair aircraft in Minsk. This was reported Friday, July 30, by local news agency LETA, citing police spokeswoman Simona Gravite.

“At the end of May, the police began a departmental investigation, but later it was decided to launch a criminal trial,” she specified.

Gravite also noted that the investigation was launched because there were two Latvian citizens on board the plane.

This criminal case was initiated under the article of the criminal law of Latvia on criminal acts against freedom, honor and dignity of a person. This article of the law contains provisions for responsibility for kidnapping, illegal deprivation of liberty and hostage-taking. At the same time the Latvian State Police does not comment on the international cooperation in the case.

Also, an investigation into the incident with the plane in the same month began in Lithuania.

May 23, Ryanair aircraft was grounded at the Belarusian airport due to a bomb threat. There was also a recording of the airliner pilot’s conversation with the Belarusian air traffic controller, according to which the latter recommended the plane to land “for safety reasons.

Roman Protasevich, former chief editor of Telegram-channel NEXTA, recognized extremist in Belarus, was on the plane at the time. He and his companion, Russian Sofia Sapiega, were detained after the plane landed. Western countries criticized Minsk after the incident.