Latvian resident attacked a tourist due to a Russian speech

A man in Latvia attacked a tourist from neighboring Lithuania with shouting and scolding, who addressed him in Russian. According to “Sputnik Latvia,” the incident was reported on Twitter by a friend of the victim.

According to the girl, her friend was very scared of the incident.

“One cool, talented Lithuanian friend shared her experience in her Instagram, how she had to ask something in Latvian in Russian and how some man proudly started shouting at her in Latvian,” said the user with nickname Saulė.

In comments, many condemned the act of a Latvian, but admitted that it is safer to speak English in the Baltic States.

One of the users presented a plan of communication with residents of Estonia. According to him, you should not start a conversation in Russian, because “you will be sent deep into the swamp, showing the wrong way. If a tourist does not know Estonian, he is invited to introduce himself as Latvian and already then to switch to Russian.

In recent years, the Baltic countries have pursued a policy of abandoning the Russian language. It is forbidden to study in Russian in schools and kindergartens. At the same time, a significant number of residents of these republics are Russian speakers. For example, one state language in Latvia is Latvian, although Russian is the native language of almost 40% of the population.