Learjet 35 plane with medics crashed in Argentina

The plane with medical personnel on board crashed during landing at Antonio Parody International Airport near the Argentine city of Esquel. According to preliminary reports, two people were killed.

The incident occurred around 23:00 on May 5 local time. The aircraft Learjet 35 landed 100 meters from the runway, after which there was an explosion, writes Diario Jornada.

The plane is known to have departed from Santa Fe for an emergency transport to Buenos Aires of a minor patient who was in an ambulance with his parents at the time of the accident. There were two crew members on board, a doctor and a nurse, Infobae reports.

According to Cronica, two people were killed and two more were hospitalized, but their condition is unknown. Firefighters, police and medics are on site. Possible causes of the crash are not being reported, but it is alleged that there was heavy fog in the area of the airport at the time of the accident.