Leo Horoscope 2021 ♌

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Horoscope 2021 promises the Leos a period full of surprises. Despite the general characteristics of the cycle, not everything will be mysterious and unpredictable. First, the signs of Fire in this period will be immune to the negative impact of the moon. Secondly, the patron of your sign, the Sun, will take a dominant position on the celestial ribbon, and this will significantly stabilize the overall situation. Therefore, in the working direction, all metamorphoses will be suppressed quickly enough, and in the field of personal relationships, even the most unpredictable situations will get a predictable outcome. However, everything will turn out in your favor not by itself. Moreover, it will take a lot of effort. The fact is that Saturn, which weakens the position of the Lions, will become coherent with Pluto, which, like the Moon, will be the antagonist of the period. This promises behind the scenes and intrigues you will not want to get involved in, but you will still have to. The question is what you can get out of it.

The beginning of 2021 will give the representatives of the Leo zodiac sign the main thing – the opportunity to choose, and for many people the choice will be really obvious. It is not planned here to heat up the passion, but some changes will be really fundamental. For example, it may be the need to move in connection with a new job. Or it will be a question of starting your own business. There will also be some changes related to the sphere of personal relations, but they will be secondary and should not be focused on. Everything will work out as it should. On the other hand, it will be appropriate for single Lions to take care of their situation during this period, or rather to analyze whether it is fair. Perhaps you have already done a lot, and it’s time for someone to pay you back in return. You will have everything in abundance – energy, fervor, motivation. The main thing is not to overdo the search for alternative solutions, they will not really be needed everywhere. You will be able to adjust a lot of things by your own efforts, and if they try to convince you otherwise, do not believe. Only you know exactly the limits of your own abilities, and only you will be provided with maximum information. But some things will remain under the cover of secrecy. Perhaps you will never reveal them to yourself. And all the better.

The period from mid-spring to mid-summer 2021 will bring the representatives of the Leo zodiac sign positive preconditions. This time will be calmer, but the projected changes are more fundamental. So do not give up help, no matter what side it comes from. At least consider the possibility of non-standard cooperation. It will not be worse, and no one will make you do anything against your will. The personal aspect will briefly come to the fore, and you need to deal with it as soon as possible to free up your attention for really serious issues. At some point, negatively minded Saturn will fudge the circumstances and point to past mistakes. It is very likely to lead you into a stupor, but do not give in to despair and do not give in. The worst thing you can do is humble yourself. You don’t have to rush into battle. You can also do nothing, but creatively. You can find a hint in what you love most, and leave all the secondary things behind the experience.

From the second decade of July to the end of September 2021 the Lions will have to go through a fundamental change. It is impossible to predict exactly how it will happen, and which aspects of life will be affected. But most likely, it will still be related to your own decisions and, perhaps, your inner demons. So feel free to drag everything into the light of the Sun, literally. This is a great time to dig skeletons in your closet, and not just in your own. Perhaps those who have their own business will have to take cardinal measures, and those who don’t have their own business yet, will have a chance to change their lives dramatically, but not at the expense of personal talents and achievements. It is up to you to decide which of the opportunities to take. The other half will definitely help you with advice, but not where the question is about financial investments. On the other hand, family crises can also be important, especially if there is a conflict situation. So do not focus entirely on one issue. You will have enough strength and capabilities to move in several directions at once.

The period from October to December 2021, as well as January 2022 (because the bull year cycle will end only in February) in many ways summarizes all the actions and decisions of Leo for this year. Perhaps you will be almost the only sign for whom the final of the year will be the final in the full sense of the word. Actual projects will come to their apotheosis, or completion, and you will know exactly what you did right and where you were wrong. It will be too late with the adjustments. Do not forget to analyze an important experience. Especially since the changes will open up new horizons for you, it is likely to be professional. The material issues will be solved quite simply, the sphere of personal relationships will require special attention, and in the sphere of health you will be waited for pleasant news. Dear Lions, the main thing is to remain yourself in any situation, you are loved for that.