LG showed the new TWS Tone Free headphones. They can be connected to a device without Bluetooth support

LG has officially announced the new generation of wireless headphones Tone Free. There are three models available in the updated lineup: the flagship FP9, the mid-range FP8 and the affordable FP5.

The cases of the two older versions got a useful feature of the current generation – UV disinfection. For 5 minutes it destroys 99.9% of bacteria. At the same time the headphones can be charged from the case at the same time.

But this time in the spotlight was another feature that is only available in the modification FP9: Its case can be used as a Bluetooth adapter to connect to equipment that has no wireless modules. This will be useful for owners of old computers, TVs, as well as for those who like to watch movies on the plane, but do not want to use wired headphones.

All three new products have active noise cancellation and improved surround sound. LG claims you’ll be able to hear sounds more clearly in space, as if they were around your head. There’s also a new “whisper mode”: during a conversation, you can pull out the right earpiece and bring it up to your mouth, using it as a microphone.

A noticeable change of this generation are the shorter legs of the headphones: they are 4.4 mm shorter. Battery life varies depending on the model: FP9 and FP8 have 10 hours without the case and 24 hours with the case, while FP5 drops to 8 and 22 hours respectively.

LG Tone Free FP9, FP8 and FP5 will be available until the end of July in black and pearl white colors, and FP9 and FP8 will also have a muted gold version. The cost of new products is not reported yet.