Libra Horoscope 2021 ♎

2021 Horoscope promises Libra an interesting period with large-scale transformations that you need for a long time. In this year’s cycle, Mars, which usually weakens Libra, and the Sun, responsible for the problems and fears of your sign, will be the leaders of the celestial ribbon. For this reason, their negatives will be leveled off by a harmonious astrological environment. This means that most of the problems that you will encounter will not be the result of random circumstances or the plots of evil enemies, but only the consequences of your (and not only) actions and decisions. Therefore, theoretically everything is predictable, but in practice you simply will not have enough time to make the most detailed plan. Fortunately, your activator is Saturn, the Lord of Time. At critical moments, you will get some benefits from it. But you’d better get used to counting on yourself right away. It’s uncompromising time, and it’s the one who wins, who is able to remain steadfast in all conditions and stay true to his once chosen ideals.

The period from January to mid-April 2021 will give Libra the main thing – opportunities. Unlike most other signs of the zodiac, for you these opportunities will be roughly equally distributed among the major areas of life. In personal relationships, it makes sense to focus on what really meets your ideas of sincerity. Going for momentary feelings is the worst option. On the other hand, for Family Libra, the stars just recommend adding a little spontaneity. It is better not to plan anything, but to act as before: suddenly, without conventionality and limitations. From the point of view of your professional life, there are changes waiting for you, but to define their essence is not easy. Even the stars do not give you any guarantees in this aspect. So try not to disappoint yourself in the first place. Everything else will be in proportion to the effort you have made.

The time from mid-April to mid-July 2021 will be an even brighter and less predictable period (although, as it would seem, nothing is already clear). Horoscope advises to turn this into an advantage, because all signs of the zodiac will be in equal conditions. Do not forget that the patron of this period (White Bull) gravitates to straightforwardness and regularity, in any case do not deviate from the chosen path. You may have doubts, many doubts in others and in your own strength. However, if you give in to them, you will not be able to achieve what you want. The sphere of personal relationships will take second place, and this is good. Thus, nothing will distract from the most important (at the moment) things. It is likely that the situation will be complicated by some large-scale transformations. It could be a move, a family union, an inheritance. Something may fundamentally change your situation, but the general guidelines will remain the same. It is important, keep following them until you fully understand the situation. As time goes by, everything will stabilize.

From mid-summer to mid-autumn 2021 representatives of the zodiac sign Libra will be in a rather precarious position. Oddly enough, you will be fully satisfied with it. And if not, you will have to accept (once again). The fact is that many projects at this stage will be completed, and new ones have yet to be chosen. The same may apply to relationships, but with its own specifics. One way or another, but for a certain period of time, you may be in a hanging position. This does not promise to be a problem. It’s just that your inner state risks becoming unstable, and your self-confidence will suffer. If you are engaged in personal business, it is recommended to put the reins of management in the hands of a loyal assistant for a while. If this is not possible, simply redistribute the responsibilities, so you will feel better. This is not the best time for a big change, but for investments the period is suitable. In personal relationships, try not to jump to conclusions. Even if the situation worsens, it will definitely settle down by itself, without your participation. This is a good period to redistribute resources, but the main direction should still remain unchanged.

The final part of 2021 promises a positive change for Libra. It is at the end of autumn and beginning of winter will be the apotheosis of your efforts. If we are talking about a major project at work, you can be sure that it will end magically. And the more effort you put into it, the better the result will be. The stars warn you at once: you’ll have to do your best, but the result will exceed your expectations. At some point, some news may be baffling. You have to accept it with all the firmness you can. In general, the news will be positive, just sudden and large-scale. The sphere of relations by the end of the year may also be surprising. In this aspect, it is up to you to decide which meeting will be crucial and which it makes sense to forget and never return to it. Dear Libra, at the end of the year 2021 you will really learn a lot, and when you realize that the hardest things are behind you, you can breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy the success.