Lightning struck a family while taking selfies in a thunderstorm in London

Three people from the same family were injured when lightning struck during a bike ride in a thunderstorm. Lightning struck two sisters and their brother when the company stopped to take selfies. This was reported by The Daily Star.

The accident happened on Monday, July 12, in southwest London. Rachel, Isobel and Andrew Jobson had come to the British capital from the Berkshires. They were caught in heavy rain near Molsey Castle, not far from Hampton Court Palace. The company decided to wait out the bad weather under a tree and take pictures. At that moment lightning struck them. As a result, all three were hospitalized with burns at St. George’s Hospital. A few hours later they were released.

According to Rachel, 26, they decided to ride their bikes to get to their aunt in Epsom. The girl’s brother admitted that after the joyful photo together, he wanted to take another mock photo with his sad face in the rain, but the next thing he knew he was on the ground.

“I got a burn on my hip and stomach, and my sister and I were left with lightning-like marks. I couldn’t feel my arms,” Andrew said.

The young men added that they were very grateful to passersby who noticed them and called an ambulance. According to doctors, lightning may have struck the boys because of the titanium plate in Isabelle’s hand. A year ago, the girl had a bad fall from her bicycle that left her in need of medical attention.

Heavy rains hit London earlier this week. Some areas received a month’s worth of rain in just one day.