Lithuania named the amount spent on the maintenance of Tihanovskaya

The maintenance of the Belarusian opposition leader and former presidential candidate, Svetlana Tihanovskaya, costs €400 thousand a year in Lithuania, where she is hiding. This was announced by Lithuanian Seimas deputy Remigijus Zemaitaitis.

“I have not seen such a shame that Lithuania was so humiliated. She lives in Lithuania for a year, eats for our money, has protection for our money, we pay for everything, and this lady is not even able to say: “Good evening, Lithuania! I am grateful for what you have done for me, my people,” said the deputy to the publication “Sputnik Lithuania,” expressing indignation that one year of Tihanovskaya’s detention cost Lithuania €400 thousand.

Žemaitaitis recalled that people who want to obtain a residence permit in Lithuania, must prove that they know the Lithuanian language.

“When people who want to get a residence permit in Lithuania, they must prove that they know the Lithuanian language, but there is nothing! Shame on my country! And it’s also shown on LRT (Lithuanian state television – ed.)! What’s next? Maybe we should change the constitution of the Republic of Lithuania and propose to become president?” – he said.

After the presidential election in Belarus on August 9, 2020, which was won for the sixth time by Alexander Lukashenko, who, according to the Central Election Commission of the country, collected 80.1 percent of the vote, the country began mass protests of the opposition. The U.S. and EU countries did not recognize the results of the vote, reports NNS.

Tikhanovskaya also disagreed with the election results, called on the international community to support the protesters and left the country. In October that year, she was put on the international wanted list by the Belarusian authorities.

In December 2020, the Prosecutor General’s Office of Belarus opened criminal cases against members of the opposition, including Tikhanovskaia, for creating and leading an extremist formation and financing its activities for the purpose of seizing state power in an unconstitutional manner.

On October 12, 2021 a new criminal case was opened against Tikhanovskaya and another fugitive opposition activist, Pavel Latushko. They were accused of “unauthorized appropriation of the title or power of an official.