Lithuania will kill 40 thousand minks because of coronavirus

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More than 1.2 thousand minks died because of coronavirus at Lithuanian farm Danmink. Farmers decided to kill about 40 thousand of 59 thousand animals to stop further spread of the infection. This was reported by the BNS on Tuesday, December 1.

The rest of the animals are planned to keep for breeding in the future. To enable farmers to receive compensation for killed animals, the area where the outbreak took place, announced the emergency mode.

In addition, COVID-19 was confirmed in four employees of the farm, several others are under quarantine.

On 13 November it was reported that the infestation of Mink Coronavirus was registered on farms in Greece. It was decided to destroy about 2.5 thousand animals on one of the farms in the region of Kozani. Among farm workers are tested for COVID-19.