Local authorities in the U.S. confiscated goats from an anti-nuclear activist

The authorities of Connecticut confiscated dozens of goats from an environmental activist. It was reported Thursday, March 11, by the regional Department of Agriculture.

As notes agency AP, the owner of goats is Nancy Burton – the founder of the human rights group Connecticut Coalition Against Millstone, which fights against the nuclear power plant “Millstone”.

The operation to seize 65 goats took place in the town of Redding. It was prompted by a complaint received from local residents back in October 2020.

Department officials allege the goats had untrimmed hooves, lacked drinking water, and had accumulated large amounts of manure in the barn. The animals were moved to a rehabilitation center in the care of veterinarians.

Burton began keeping the goats to measure radiation levels in their milk. She vehemently denied allegations of poor animal welfare. According to her, the goats were taken to prevent her from further research.

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