Local state of emergency introduced in Kosovo due to water poisoning of 1.5 thousand people

In the municipality of Dečani in Kosovo and Metohija the state of emergency was declared due to the poisoning of drinking water about 1.5 thousand people. This was reported in Facebook by the head of the local government Baškim Ramosaj.

The locals have been applying to medical institutions with the symptoms of poisoning since Saturday. By the evening of July 13, their number had reached 1.5 thousand people, more than 800 of whom were hospitalized.

“At a meeting of the emergency staff on Tuesday, it was decided to introduce an emergency situation in the entire territory of the municipality of Dechani. We urge citizens to use water only for sanitary purposes. If it is necessary to use water at home, it is recommended to boil it,” wrote the head of the municipality and attached a photo of the relevant decision.

Additional teams of medics from other Kosovo municipalities were sent to Deçan/Dečani. According to preliminary results of water samples, the source of the poisoning was bacteria.

According to the agency Tanjug, the prosecutor’s office opened a criminal case about the incident. An investigation is under way.