London Bridge: Police terminated the suspect in the bridge incident

The alleged instigator of the incident on the London Bridge was killed on the spot. This was reported by The New York Times newspaper with reference to the head of the London police counterterrorism unit Neil Basu on Friday, November 29.

“The suspect died on the spot. <…> We believe that a mock explosive device was attached to his body,” Basu said in a special statement.

Basu said his unit will investigate. It’s early to talk about the motives for the attack, but an emergency is seen as terrorism-related, he said.

The police explained that the agency initially published reports of an attack with a knife in the London Bridge area and several injured people. It was also reported that a man and one person who had been shot had been arrested. Law enforcement officials specified to the NYT that the incident occurred around 14:00 local time.

The shooting at the London Bridge became known later. Initially, the incident was reported by a BBC journalist. Several police patrols were drawn to the bridge and the construction was cordoned off.