Los Angeles will soon reach New York City by coronavirus number

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said on Friday that if current trends of COVID-19 infection in his city continue and coronavirus cases continue to double every two days, the city will be at the level of an outbreak for five days as in New York City.

In the past 48 hours, 678 new cases have been reported in Los Angeles County, which is home to more than 10 million people, bringing the total to 1,500. On Friday night, residents of Los Angeles County received an emergency alert on their phones, in which authorities called on them to stay at home and reported the closure of beaches and public areas. Garcetti also said the city was preparing to increase social distance. In addition, he announced the possibility of power outages for businesses that refuse to close for warranty, reports The Hill.

Los Angeles is one of the major cities in the U.S. that is preparing for a surge in coronavirus cases and is working to expand its hospital capacity. Officials across the country are concerned about the lack of hospital facilities, as well as critical medical supplies needed to treat coronavirus. Hospitals and health care providers recognize that they lack the materials needed to protect doctors and nurses, and governors have criticized the Trump administration’s actions on this issue.