Lottery winner found dead in her home in Belfast

Margaret Lowry, 56, the winner of the EuroMillions lottery, was found dead in her own home in Belfast, Northern Ireland. It was reported by the Daily Mail on Thursday, September 2.

Police said the death of the woman, who had spent her fortune acquiring property and on charity, was not considered suspicious.

Lowry won the top prize of the EuroMillions – a £27 million jackpot – eight years ago when she worked in an employment center and received an allowance of £58 a week.

The woman, who came to be known as Maggie Millions, bought real estate with the winnings, including a £125,000 house, a pub and a former factory turned entertainment center. She gave the rest of the money to charity.

Lowry later claimed that people “stole millions from her” and the winnings ruined her life.

“I regret winning the lottery. I used to be a happy person. All that winning did was ruin my life,” the publication recalled one of the EuroMillions winner’s statements.

In January, a resident of the American city of Bono won $1 million because of a mistake of the cashier in a supermarket. The woman bought several lottery tickets together with the products. The value of each of them did not exceed $10, but the cashier accidentally sold her a ticket worth $20, which turned out to be the winner.